List of Ideas Mom’s Can Do to Get some Time to Themselves.

List of Ideas Mom’s Can Do to Get some Time to Themselves.

Being a mom is physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausting. It is so important for mom’s to take time for themselves even if it is 10 minutes a day or a couple hours during the week.

Let me share with you some things I have done to get some time to myself to keep me functioning..

1.) Reading Before Bed

I’ve made a point to put a book beside my bed at night and instead of watching TV before going to bed I read books. Even if I only last reading for 5 minutes, I find that I sleep better and fall asleep a lot faster.

2.) Waking up Before the Kids

Ok i’m going to admit I never used to get up earlier then my kids! (who wake up at 6:00 am) I always wanted to sleep as long as I could and gain every minute I could. However; waking up before my kids I am able to drink my coffee, eat breakfast, or do anything else I want and have a minimum of 30 minutes to myself.

3.) Sign up for Activity

If you were an active mom involved in either sports or exercise classes, etc. Make it a priority to organize child care and get back to doing things that you love!
I know not everyone has the luxury of having child care or being able to financially get involved in activities, but I think if you get creative you can find things to do that don’t cost any money. Here is one example putting together a mom walking group, reach out via social media there might already be something like this you can join!

Recently I took my basement and made it into a workout area, nothing fancy or expensive! I got some weights and other miscellaneous work out gear for $165.00. Now in the mornings or evening I can go down there and get my workout on! (ps use youtube or instagram to find great workout idea tips.)

4.) Take A Bath Uninterrupted

This one is my fav! I love taking a bath a night once I put the kids to bed. This is a great way to relax at the end of a chaotic day and enjoy the silence!

Let me know what other ways you get some time to yourself, I’d love to hear!








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