The Power Of The Words “I Love you” When Raising Children

The Power Of The Words “I Love you” When Raising Children

When I was growing up I remember feeling uncomfortable hearing the words “I love you”.  Looking back I’m not really sure why those words made me uneasy, it wasn’t something that was reiterated daily but my family did say those words to each other. My husband on the other hand never heard the words too often, it was just the way he was raised.  Now moving forward with our kids those 3 small words are used so many times in a day I cant even keep count. No Matter what is going on there is always 3 situations when the words I love you are required to be said in our home.

1.) Saying Goodbye
My husband works long hours and the kids are always sleeping before he leaves for work and sometimes he doesn’t arrive home until after the kids are asleep in bed. So on those evenings when he is home to put the kids to bed there are always good night hugs, kisses, and I Love You’s. Even talking on the phone with Dad, it is important for the kids to always say I love you before hanging up.

2. Morning Cuddle Time
Every morning when the kids wake up we always have some cuddle time and we always say “I love you”  I want my kids day to start off with them knowing how much they are loved.

3. Play Time
Whenever I join the kids for playtime I make sure once we are finished playing together I say “thank you for letting me play with t you and love you”.


No matter the situation I want my kids to know that they are always loved by their parents and that nothing in the world can change that.

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