How to Get your Kids to do Chores

How to Get your Kids to do Chores

At first before having kids I thought, kids doing chores at a young age is something I would never do…. Well that changed! Now that I have a 4 year old that is more than capable of making her own breakfast and being independent it only made sense to introduce chores into the equation. So in order to make doing chores exciting we made a calendar with a list underneath of what responsibilities are to be completed daily. Below is the list of what chores are to be completed.

1.) Keeping Room Clean, including making bed, all clothes and toys picked up.

2.) Keeping Toy room clean and tidy

3.) Picking up all toys in the house once done playing and returning to toy room

4.) Putting coat and shoes away once returning home

5.) Putting folded clothes away into closet

Then at the end of the day before we get ready for bed we go over the calendar and if all chores have been completed a sticker gets to go on the calendar for that day. If stickers are earned for one whole week we get to go do an activity of her choice. Whether it’s going to the park to play, swimming, or playing a game at the house together. It’s been a great opportunity to teach responsibilities and also a great bonding experience to do some fun things together!

Picking up toys 10 times a day was starting to make me a frustrated mom and I was allowing myself to get frazzled  by doing these redundant tasks for my daughter day in and out. By her taking responsibility for her own toys and room it has made me more patient and now we have more quality fun time together and I have noticed she is a lot happier to complete her list of chores and wants to earn her sticker in order to pick a fun activity for the week.

Let me know chores you have implemented for your kids to be responsible for and how you ensure that they get completed.


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