My Mom Rituals and Taking Care of Myself

My Mom Rituals and Taking Care of Myself

During the craziness of raising  kids it is so important for moms to remember to take care of yourself! It only took me 3 years of being a mom to figure this out on my own. It was so difficult for me to do something for myself when I first became a mother, I literally took my baby with me everywhere I had to go, even the dentist. I was too anxious about anyone else taking care of my baby, because only I as the mother knew exactly what do to…… or so I thought.  After years of doing this I eventually began to burn out and started to feel a bit lost on who I was as an individual. I was so wrapped up in taking care of the kids that I forgot to take care of myself in the process and it was starting to show. So one day I decided to start taking some me time and also taking better care of myself  as I was starting to look pretty sloppy.

Here are some ways that I take some me time when the kids are napping even if I only takes 15 minutes, trust me it makes a difference.

1.) Nightly face wash routine with toner, anti aging face cream, Heaven knows I will thank my future self 15 years from now for this!

2.) Take a bubble bath, try it during your kids nap time and enjoy the silence.

3.) I enjoy reading a book and drinking coffee so I try to do this in the morning before the kids wake up.

4.) Painting your nails, either go to a salon and get this done or do it yourself at home.

5.) I love decorating, so going online and search on decorating websites for some inspiration for my next project.

6.) Exercising, I try to do something physically active at least 3 days a week. I need to be able to keep up to my busy kids!


Whatever you enjoy doing, take the time and do it! Make yourself a priority, you will be a better wife, mother, and individual.




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