The Struggles With Mother Daughter Relationships

The Struggles With Mother Daughter Relationships

Let me be honest I haven’t had the best relationship with my mother since becoming a mother. Needless to say there has been damaging things said by my mom that are so harmful and disrespectful to myself and my family. With years of disfunction and unhealthy banter from my mother I now find myself at the stage in life to be completely drained and now having no more energy to even pursue any type of relationship. After years of having the same conversations trying to mend things between her and my family I have now reached the point in my life that it is better for myself to love from a far. Of course I will always love my mom but there comes a time when the best thing for my own happiness is to maintain a distant relationship.

Moving forward with my decision to love from a far has been something I have struggled with but in the end it has been the right decision for my family. When it comes to my kids my youngest is too young to know any different but my oldest sometimes asks questions and my husband and I have made the decision to tell her the truth and explain to her the reasons why we don’t see or talk to grandma as often anymore. I am not going to lie or cover up the reasons why my children don’t see their grandmother they deserve to know the truth and be fully aware that is has nothing to do with anything they have done.

By coming to terms with the fact that loving my mom from a far is acceptable, I have noticed such a positive change in myself and family by letting go of the idea that my mother will one day change. At the end of the day you need to do what is best for yourself and family even though some of those choices might not fit the “norm”.


2 thoughts on “The Struggles With Mother Daughter Relationships

  1. Hi I love your post thankyou for sharing this. I have a Narrsistic mother and had to remove her from my life. When you say love from a distance do you still communicate with her or do you mean just from your heart. I have been struggling with the idea of letting her back in its been a year and a half since I’ve seen her only short hellos on holidays and birthdays?


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