Changing your Career to be a Stay at Home Mom

Changing your Career to be a Stay at Home Mom

As of recently I have made the career change from full time working mom to full time stay at home mom of two. My husband and I decided that me staying home with the kids was the best decision for our family and we are lucky to have the luxury of being able to do it! I have always worked full time throughout my life and since my oldest born was two months I was back working (she is now 4 years old). There has been huge benefits from the change to staying at home with the kids, both kids are happier and more content. My 8 month old son now even sleeps through the night! Hallelujah! The only one who seems to be struggling with the change is me!

I can’t seem to sit still and I feel the need to be working or doing something productive, even though running a household and taking care of the kids is a production in itself. Being home with the kids is a different busy than being in an adult work environment. With my kids we argue about not listening and not eating your lunch. In a work environment you deal with adults and get adult conversations and no one breaks down screaming and crying about not liking their lunch!

So for the first few weeks of staying at home I didn’t notice myself missing work as I was kept busy by re-organizing and scrubbing the house from top to bottom. By the third week  I tried some DYI projects around the house and some went good but I definitely am no electrician! Let’s just say, I had to go purchase another light fixture since the other one got destroyed. (Note to self never try to hang a light fixture again without reading instructions). Even after a couple more weeks went by I still found myself feeling a bit anxious about not working and not financially contributing to my family. So this then started me on the path of searching for what I could do online or from home for work. There are so many things online it is overwhelming!

Honestly though it’s really difficult to get resourceful information, so much of the information was all about doing surveys that pay such a minute amount and in order to complete those I would need to be sitting on my phone or computer for hours in a day and only making a few dollars! Not worth it! So after reading all the different blogs about how to make money online I decided to take the plunge and create my own blog! I know absolutely nothing about blogging, writing, or creating a website but I am up for the challenge! This has allowed me to have a project on the go and got me back on track of making myself feel more fulfilled and not missing work.

This blog is going to be my creative outlet and I don’t know exactly where it will take me but I am going to share honestly what has worked in my own life and for my family and hopefully I can help anyone else out in their own lives along the way. Then one day if I can earn some money from this blog it would be a great achievement! So follow me and join me on the blogging adventures or leave a comment I’d love to hear from you.

List of Ideas Mom’s Can Do to Get some Time to Themselves.

List of Ideas Mom’s Can Do to Get some Time to Themselves.

Being a mom is physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausting. It is so important for mom’s to take time for themselves even if it is 10 minutes a day or a couple hours during the week.

Let me share with you some things I have done to get some time to myself to keep me functioning..

1.) Reading Before Bed

I’ve made a point to put a book beside my bed at night and instead of watching TV before going to bed I read books. Even if I only last reading for 5 minutes, I find that I sleep better and fall asleep a lot faster.

2.) Waking up Before the Kids

Ok i’m going to admit I never used to get up earlier then my kids! (who wake up at 6:00 am) I always wanted to sleep as long as I could and gain every minute I could. However; waking up before my kids I am able to drink my coffee, eat breakfast, or do anything else I want and have a minimum of 30 minutes to myself.

3.) Sign up for Activity

If you were an active mom involved in either sports or exercise classes, etc. Make it a priority to organize child care and get back to doing things that you love!
I know not everyone has the luxury of having child care or being able to financially get involved in activities, but I think if you get creative you can find things to do that don’t cost any money. Here is one example putting together a mom walking group, reach out via social media there might already be something like this you can join!

Recently I took my basement and made it into a workout area, nothing fancy or expensive! I got some weights and other miscellaneous work out gear for $165.00. Now in the mornings or evening I can go down there and get my workout on! (ps use youtube or instagram to find great workout idea tips.)

4.) Take A Bath Uninterrupted

This one is my fav! I love taking a bath a night once I put the kids to bed. This is a great way to relax at the end of a chaotic day and enjoy the silence!

Let me know what other ways you get some time to yourself, I’d love to hear!








Raising Kids is a Huge Change to your Life – 5 Tips on Stay at Home Parenting

Raising Kids is a Huge Change to your Life – 5 Tips on Stay at Home Parenting

Parenting is no easy task and everyone seems to have an opinion on what is best for your kids. Recently I have made the change from full-time working mom to a stay at home mom. Let me say it has been an big adjustment, but I am loving it! So I put together 5 tips that I have used over the past few months that have made a huge difference in improving myself and my family.

1.) Don’t Forget About Yourself

It is easy to forgot about yourself being a mom as everyone else in the family gets taken care of first! Don’t forget to take care of yourself! Whether you like going to salon, reading, or exercising, etc. Anything that you get to do by yourself is key to keeping yourself the best mom and wife to your family.

2.) Put your Children in Activities

Enrolling your kids in activities doesn’t haven’t to be expensive, I just put my daughter in swimming lessons at local swim club for 6 weeks and it only cost $55.00. As soon as I enrolled my daughter I noticed a big difference in her confidence she is very proud of her self for being able to accomplishing tasks and getting validation her her swim instructor.

3.) Meeting Other Stay At Home Moms

By having your kids enrolled in activities it also allows you to meet other stay at home moms or even just going to the park and getting out. This is great for the kids as you can arrange play dates and mom dates as well. It is great to have relationship with other stay at home moms who can relate to what is going on in your own life.

4.) Weekly Meal Planning

I used to rush home from work and look in the cupboards and try to throw together a meal. My approach to cooking has completely changed, every Sunday I take about 30 minutes out of the day and write down my meals for each day of the upcoming week. As I write down my meal plan I go through my cupboards and make a grocery list of what I will need to get the following day. By having set meals for each day it has simplified my life so much and allows me to have more time with my husband and kids.

5.) Getting Up Before the Kids

Waking up before my kids has by far been the best thing I have ever done. I am able to get the day started by doing laundry, meal prep, cleaning,have morning coffee to myself or with my husband. Whatever tasks that need to get completed that day I get a head start and I get them finished in half the time since I don’t have to worry about the kids!

I hope some of my tips can help you simplify and improve your family life, Please share if you have any other tips I would love to hear what has worked for your own family.







New To Blogging

New To Blogging

Welcome to Unhinged Mommy!

I am a new stay at home mom of two kids. Recently I made the change from full-time working mom to stay at home mom. My daughter is 4 years old and my son is  8 months old.

The desire to started a Blog began a year ago and I finally decided to take the plunge and share my life and the honest truth what mother hood is like.

Hope you enjoy reading my posts!