5 Ways I’m Raising My Kids To Be Successful

5 Ways I’m Raising My Kids To Be Successful

I am the youngest of three and was brought up in an average working class household, My Father always worked, My mother stayed home with us until we were in school and then she went off to work. My parents always provided for us and we were a happy healthy kids! They did the best they could and I had a very happy childhood going on camping trips, I played sports, and had great friends.

In the big scheme of things looking back, my parents were very laid back. Once I became a teenager I was pretty self sufficient I could come and go as I pleased I didn’t go get a job until I was a senior in high school and I decided to do it on my own. At the time I loved the freedom of working and going out and doing whatever I wanted it was great! However; this did nothing to set up myself for success or teach me about hard work and what it’s like in the real world.  Higher education was never encouraged either which I regret not pursuing. I was sheltered and was not fully prepared by my parents for dealing with bills and responsibilities.

Once I had kids I knew I would be raising them differently.

Here is a list of 5 ways I am raising my kids adversely different.
You Can Do Anything
1.) I want my kids to know that they can do anything! encouraging a can do mindset is something that is so important! I repeat to my kids their name and say you can do anything. My daughter now if she is having an trouble trying to do something she will say her first and last name and say “I can do anything”. It’s so cute and I love that she solves the problem and feels so proud of herself.

Never Give Up
2.) Let’s face it everyone has quit something at some point in their life. For my kids I want them to understand when you start something you never quit just because it gets difficult. Having a quitting mindset never lead me anywhere in life, you have to push through the hard things and keep going.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help
3.) This is something I have struggled with i’m pretty stubborn and didn’t always ask for help when I needed it. I had to learn the hard way. Never be too stubborn to ask for help when you hit a roadblock, no matter the situation the only way to get past it might be asking for some input.

Thinking for yourself
4.) Independent thinking  for problem solving and how my kids view a scenario is not always the same as my vision. I try to always support problem solving skills when it comes to playtime. I ask my daughter what she thinks will help fix the problem first before just completing the problem for her.  As an adult she will need to make decisions on her own and I want her to be confident in her decision making skills.

Encouraging Their Ambitions
5.) This is one of the most important things whatever my children show an interest in and want to pursue I will always support and encourage them. Allowing my kids to have their own likes and dislikes is what shapes them as their own individual.

When my kids grown up I want them to have their own dreams to work towards and I want to be able to provide them with the successful life skills and attitude to achieve their own successes.

Let me know what things are important when it comes to raising your own kids, I’d love to hear them!


Changing your Career to be a Stay at Home Mom

Changing your Career to be a Stay at Home Mom

As of recently I have made the career change from full time working mom to full time stay at home mom of two. My husband and I decided that me staying home with the kids was the best decision for our family and we are lucky to have the luxury of being able to do it! I have always worked full time throughout my life and since my oldest born was two months I was back working (she is now 4 years old). There has been huge benefits from the change to staying at home with the kids, both kids are happier and more content. My 8 month old son now even sleeps through the night! Hallelujah! The only one who seems to be struggling with the change is me!

I can’t seem to sit still and I feel the need to be working or doing something productive, even though running a household and taking care of the kids is a production in itself. Being home with the kids is a different busy than being in an adult work environment. With my kids we argue about not listening and not eating your lunch. In a work environment you deal with adults and get adult conversations and no one breaks down screaming and crying about not liking their lunch!

So for the first few weeks of staying at home I didn’t notice myself missing work as I was kept busy by re-organizing and scrubbing the house from top to bottom. By the third week  I tried some DYI projects around the house and some went good but I definitely am no electrician! Let’s just say, I had to go purchase another light fixture since the other one got destroyed. (Note to self never try to hang a light fixture again without reading instructions). Even after a couple more weeks went by I still found myself feeling a bit anxious about not working and not financially contributing to my family. So this then started me on the path of searching for what I could do online or from home for work. There are so many things online it is overwhelming!

Honestly though it’s really difficult to get resourceful information, so much of the information was all about doing surveys that pay such a minute amount and in order to complete those I would need to be sitting on my phone or computer for hours in a day and only making a few dollars! Not worth it! So after reading all the different blogs about how to make money online I decided to take the plunge and create my own blog! I know absolutely nothing about blogging, writing, or creating a website but I am up for the challenge! This has allowed me to have a project on the go and got me back on track of making myself feel more fulfilled and not missing work.

This blog is going to be my creative outlet and I don’t know exactly where it will take me but I am going to share honestly what has worked in my own life and for my family and hopefully I can help anyone else out in their own lives along the way. Then one day if I can earn some money from this blog it would be a great achievement! So follow me and join me on the blogging adventures or leave a comment I’d love to hear from you.